Terje Sorgjerd Stole My Soul

Screen shot 2011 04 18 at 11.44.45 PM 300x167 Terje Sorgjerd Stole My Soul
I fancy myself a consumer of fine art.

That said, most of my art now comes in the form of ski and surf movies largely watched over the internet.

Today I saw a collection of video from a Norwegian filmmaker named Terje Sorgjerd.

To say the imagery and music touched me would be an understatement.

It floored me.

The imagery paired with the perfect music all flowing together like they were one from the start, just truly moving cinema.

Keep an eye out for Terje and enjoy his work.

**Please watch in HD and Full Screen**

The Mountain

The Aurora

The Market


The Southwest

Yea…told ya

Leave a comment if that’s not some of the best time lapse cinema you have ever seen.

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2 Responses to “Terje Sorgjerd Stole My Soul”

  1. Dave Booda says:

    Wow, thank god for HD! What’s really amazing is how that kind of presentation wouldn’t even have been available 10+ years ago. Good find buddy!

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