Missing The Seasons

I never though I would say it, but i genuinely miss the seasons right now.

112983 Missing The Seasons

Growing up in the Midwest(Michigan & Ohio), fall was always such a gorgeous time of year.  You could literally smell winter coming as you gazed around at the semi-barren tree branches and heard the crunch of dead orange and deep red leaves underneath your feet.

College football Saturdays on a brisk fall day were some of the best days of all time.  Maybe it is the grass is always greener mentality which I have been accused of before, but as I sat on my couch today watching Michigan Football in board-shorts, I began to actually miss Ohio for the first time in 5 years.

TheBigHouse Missing The Seasons

Well, maybe it is Ohio or maybe it the mountains, or maybe its just the restlessness I get in my soul after staying in one place for too long.  Everyone has certain elements of their youth that brings back a rush of memories.  For me they are freshly cut grass, the smell of a hockey rink, morning in the mountains and the smell, look and feel of a perfectly crisp fall day in the Midwest playing football in my backyard.

OK, enough reminiscing, something has to give, gonna have to get some real fall weather in my life real soon…..

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