Let me bring you up to speed…..

OK, so new blog here, lets get everyone caught up to speed.   27 years old.  Born in Iron Mountain, Michigan.  Grew up in Ross, Ohio.  Played hockey, tennis, soccer and golf.  Best at hockey, worst at golf.  Enjoy golf the most.  Had a bad car accident, in wheelchair for several months and had to teach myself how to walk again.  Went to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  Dropped out of Ohio University to pursue professional freeskiing career.  Moved to Vail, CO.

3 Let me bring you up to speed.....

Blew out both of my knees and went back to school in Athens, Ohio.   Although I left the mountains, a piece of them has never left me and I am constantly drawn back.  Lived in Liepzig, Germany, traveled Europe and reserved my position as a lifelong traveler.  Graduated from Copeland School of Business with majors in International Business and Finance.  Moved To D.C.- and realized I was too young to live in D.C..  Moved to San Diego to learn how to surf.  Learned how to surf and subsequently took a job the required me to work 12 hours a day and had no time to surf.  Made a lot of sales and made a lot of money.  Bought my first car online, had it delivered to my office (Mercedes Benz E55 AMG-469 horsepower top speed 195mph) and proceeded to put surf racks on a sportscar.   Went to a employee’s wedding in La Jolla, CA and met my current girlfriend of 1.5 years, she was serving bruschetta.  I ate a lot of bruschetta that night.   My restless nature surfaces and I proceed to travel.  Costa Rica, Cabo, Oahu, Hong Kong, Beijing, Vietnam, Thailand, Koh Samui (Below/Blog Header), Mammoth, Tahoe, Joshua Tree, Big Bear, San Francisco and so on….

Thailand Let me bring you up to speed.....

The company grows, and is ranked #82 on Inc. 500 list, I am managing 50 people.  The economy crashes.  I manage 40, 30, 20 and offered a position back in sales.  I take my severance and read “The 4 Hour work week. “  Start  a international trading company and a internet marketing company.  The internet company is by far the most profitable and I again use my knowledge to mentor people.  The trading company turns into a nutrition company and I now run all both from remote locations throughout the world and  headquartered out of  San Diego, CA.  I have found that life truly is a series of relationships and vow to build more of them.   That is the cliff notes version of my life, consider yourself up to speed…

vid00086 003 Let me bring you up to speed.....

Welcome to my memoirs!

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