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The 7 Ghosts Video from Rip Curl Tip 2 Tip-

Leave it to the folks over at Rip Curl to continue pushing the limit.  A few days ago they released a trailer for an upcoming video called “The Seven Ghosts.”

The Seven Ghosts is a wave so perfect, so imagined so strange that most can’t even believe it exists, much less that there are people riding it.  The wave itself is a “tidal bore” down in Indonesia.  Now people have been surfing tidal bores for awhile now, but never one quite like this.  The size and perfection and quantity of the waves and barrels at The Seven Ghosts goes unmatched anywhere in the world that we know of.

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So go ahead and block off the next few minutes of your life, turn the lights down and the music up as this is pretty cool.

(This is the trailer, the actual film will be released on the 11th)

P.S.- I hope you like lefts…..

So what do you think, is this the best wave find of all time? Leave your comments below and let us know what you think.

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