Follow The Snow Tour 2011

Face shot1 Follow The Snow Tour 2011

Record powder days as the search for endless snowfall produced some truly epic skiing!

Now I don’t use that word lightly, “epic” as I believe it is a precious and only a special set of circumstances produces such a day!

I set off on the adventure of the year in my Dodge 4×4 with super badass Arctic Fox camper as North America got pounded by glorious mother nature.

Yes, others signed up to meet me along the way if they could get away from their “normal” existence of work and other such things that hold us people back! And yes, some came but many did not, as life was just to busy for their escape!

Trailer1 Follow The Snow Tour 2011

The plan:

Departure from Colorado, heading to Utah, North through Wyoming, winding my way up Idaho, then Montana, a border crossing into Interior of British Columbia as I would keep searching for all the secret spots, then back into the States making my way down through Washington State and soon the Lake Tahoe area of California!

The reality:

It was snowing in a BIG way in Utah as Western Canada got off to a slower start. So the decision was made to enjoy the champagne powder while waiting for the storms to roll in up north. But then…

Lake Tahoe started to get pounded! So a quick change of plans and I was off to witness the RECORD breaking snowfall where I was literly “snowed in”. Wowsa… The snow banks were higher then the already tall RV!

(Kirkwood, CA)

Kiekwood1 Follow The Snow Tour 2011


Remember the journey was all about chasing the biggest storms and endless powder days! So to my surprise I ended up going back and forth between Tahoe and Utah the entire winter as the storms never stopped! I didn’t even make it further north as the snow fell endlessly in ways ski bums only dream of.

I was like a mad weatherman, planning for the week ahead, looking to see where the Big one might hit! And oh how they hit! 2 foot, 6 foot and even 10 foot dumps! Sounds kinda crazy ha? Well it was…

This is all possible do to my company Just Squeezed, which was created for the exact reason of working summers in order to have winters 100% off.

Today the crew of my Juice and Lifestyle company are one by one realizing that their dreams too, can come true. For us it’s about working hard and smart in a short amount of time, which gives us the free time we need to thrive in the world we love.

It started with just me but is now growing into a community of people who dare to step outside the norm, those who believe in a bigger reality for themselves!

Most do not understand this pursuit that we view as a true gift, as a CHOICE to live a life less conventional that leaves us nothing more than, fulfilled!

Time to look ahead to Winter 2012…

Hapy Josh1 Follow The Snow Tour 2011

The exploration will continue next winter as it has for 14  seasons, the search for my enlightenment, my snow glory as the Powder Gods shine their light on me! Passion drives me to experience this life in a way that fills me with absolute joy and a love like no other.

Who wants to join in on this life of adventure?

Canada is on the list but the final outcome of when and where is always left up to the when and where this beautiful thing we call snow, falls!

One thing is for certain, the pursuit to follow this fluffy wonder will continue…

Oh how I love this life!


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