180 Degrees South – Couquerors of The Useless Movie Review

180south1 300x225 180 Degrees South   Couquerors of The Useless Movie Review

If you have ever had the desire to pack up and leave it all, to shed your corporate robe and go in search of pure life, then this is the movie for you.

The fine folks over at Woodshed films and have teamed up with Patagonia and Kashi to bring you 180 South – Counquerors of the Useless.

For those of you who don’t know the story of Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins, your in for a treat.

Yvon is most famous for his company Patagonia, but before all of that he was a climber, surfer, blacksmith, traveler, sailor, fisherman and many more things. His passion for life and nature shaped not only his destiny, but the destinies of countless others and really preserved the landscape of a whole nation and no, its not the US (rumor is there is actually land below Texas….I know crazy right!) He just so happens to be one of my heroes and has always been a true inspiration in my personal and professional life.

Doug Tompkins was very similar to Yvon in the early years and actually remains very similar now, he started a small clothing company as well, you may have heard of it. It’s called The North Face.

The story goes something like this……

The movie is actually an updated remake of the move The Mountain of Storms produced in 1968 in which Yvon and Doug drove a van from California down to Patagonia to Climb Mt. Fitz Roy. The trip is said to have shaped their lives and destinies. This movie follows the path of a new man pursuing that same life changing experience mixed in with Yvon and Doug reliving old tales and new adventures.

There is a philanthropic end to the film as it talks about Conservacion Patagonica, the conservancy that Doug setup for the Chilean People and the threats to what many call The Last Wild Place On Earth.

The movie toured small theaters about a year and a half ago where I was lucky enough to catch it. If you missed it, it is now your duty to buy or rent this movie as soon as humanly possible. It is a great film that elicits all the emotions and passions that I live for and I now many of you do to. I keep it on my phone and watch it whenever i need to get motivated to get outside or make something happen.

You can watch the movie on Netflix or pick it up directly from Amazon.

If you have seen this movie or heard about it, be sure to leave your comments below for other readers.

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  1. Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.

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    One of the cries from the people was, don’t forget us. They have a long road ahead of them. Operation Blessing has found those little fishing towns. They will not be getting what other towns are getting from the government.

  3. We have to raise the consciousness; the only way poets can change the world is to raise the consciousness of the general populace.

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