Square Up Mobile Credit Card Processing App

squareup 300x257 Square Up Mobile Credit Card Processing App

Found a great resource for all you entrepreneurs out there, or really anyone who wants another cool mobile app.

Here are the facts:

  • Square or “Square Up” is a mobile credit card processing app from iPhone and Android phones
  • It’s Free
  • It’s easy to use
  • The fees are about the same as Paypal


Let’s recap.

If you want to be able to process credit cards over your mobile phone, we have an easy solution for you.

All you have to do is go to www.SquareUp.com and enter your name and address.

There is no credit check.

They will send you a small card reader in the mail.

Go download the mobile app for your iPhone or Android.

Fill in your bank account information so you can receive payments into your account.

Start processing payments.

Any questions?

This app and technology is fantastic for photographers, massage therapists, personal trainers…etc.  Really anyone who could do more business or make business easier by processing credit card on the go.  Now you have no excuse to not take credit cards and go get more business.

Go make it happen.

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6 Responses to “Square Up Mobile Credit Card Processing App”

  1. jessica says:

    Great article! But if I may offer another suggestion, PhoneSwipe. PhoneSwipe is also a great solution for small to medium sized businesses. There are many benefits to PhoneSwipe that Square does not possess, including but not limited to: 24/7 LIVE customer service, a more durable card reader, complete security, a beautifully designed app, competitive rates (no hidden fees).. and best of all… PhoneSwipe will not hold funds for 90 days like Square does! Square has an extremely well designed app, but that’s pretty much it. There are more negative reviews online about Square then positive ones. Before merchants sign up for a mobile processing account, they should really look at all of their options.

  2. This company is a rip off, they will get your money and then hold it for them to operate on. Customer service is growing worse, there is no phone number on site and they don’t answer emails
    Do not do business with this company
    Read the rip off reports about Square up

  3. megan says:

    what phones are compatible with the square up app?

  4. cb says:

    I wholeheartedly disagree with this review of Square. Do you want to know about my experience?

    I confirm Square most certainly deserves a big fat F for customer service. I literally received the worst customer service of my life from this product.
    I have been working for the past couple months to start a nonprofit organization with a few other founding members. We decided to have a fundraiser to kick things off just recently. Several weeks before the fundraiser we bought two Square readers to take credit card donations during the fundraiser. On the Square reader box, it says it only takes a few minutes to get you up and running and accepting credit card payments (They are flat out lying about this; total false advertising here.) So a few days before the event we decided we should probably get the square readers set up so we didn’t have to do it last minute. Then the nightmare began….
    There is no possible way to get the Square reader to start accepting credit cards in a matter of minutes because you have to wait 1 to 3 business days for them to deposit two test deposits into your bank account to verify all of your information.
    Because it was going to take 1 to 3 days, we freaked out and tried to contact them directly. As mentioned in the review, they have no customer service number where you can actually talk to someone. All they have is a number with an automated message telling you to contact their customer service email and you’ll receive an email back within a “prompt” 24 HOURS!!
    So… emailed them with an urgent request to get our accounts up and running asap and to contact me via phone so we could get it all figured out soon. NEVER received a phone call, only sporadic emails over the course of 3 days that were of absolutely no help. Actually, we finally received our test deposits and had set up our account to receive credit card payments the day of our fundraiser and then I get an email back from the “customer service” person that he found something wrong with the information I gave him and so he DEACTIVATED OUR ACCOUNT on the day of our fundraiser and said he could try again within 7-10 business days!! Are you kidding me?? He never tried to verify or confirm any of the information I gave him. He probably inputed it wrong since we were able to do it on the website ourselves. Yet, he took the liberty to deactivate our account and make it impossible for us to receive credit card payments on the day of our fundraiser.
    The day of I received NO response from customer service although I flooded their inbox with between 75 to 100 emails in hopes of getting it all figured out before our fundraiser began. Again… this was by far the worst experience in customer service in my life. I highly suggest waiting until there is a direct customer service line before ever attempting to use this service.

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