How to Make 10-20% on Your Money Guaranteed!

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Want to get a 10%-20% return on your money instantly?  Maybe more?


It’s simple really, and I’ll outline the details below.

As far as investments go I think we can all agree that a if we could realistically get a 6-10% return on our money consistently long term we would be pretty stoked.  So how in the world could you instantly get in upwards of a 20% return on your money.  A shady Russian land deal? A no fail new weight berry juice that is going to rid the world of obesity forever?

Try again. It’s much simpler than that.  Take note this is not the first time I have talked about simplicity and our uncanny abilities as humans to complicate things.  Ready?  here it is, hold onto your hat.

Spend 10-20% less on the things your are already buying or plan to buy in the future.

Bam.  Sounds too simple right, but think about it.  That is 10-20% instant money back into your pocket, 100% profit.

So how do you do it?  Well honestly if your not shopping online, your crazy.  There are just too many ways nowadays to get better deals, save money and earn cashback instantly when shopping online at the same stores your already shopping on the same products your already buying.  Pair that with rewards programs and double points credit cards and you have a recipe that can start paying big dividends quickly.

Let me give you an example to prove my point.

Every month I buy approx $150 in random stuff from a drugstore.  From shampoo to pet supplies and everything in between.  here is how the two options for buying the same products looks:

Traditional Method-

Products-                                                      $150
Tax-                                                               $12
Gas-                                                               $3
Time-                                                            1 hour

Totals:               $175 + 1 hour of my time


Online Method Using

Products From                $140  (products cost less online)
-4% Cashback from                 $6
-5% Drugstore Dollars-                               $7.5
Gas-                                                            $0
Tax-                                                             N/A in most cases
Time-                                                          20 minutes

Totals:   $126.5 + 20 minutes of my time

The differences here are pretty astounding.

Not only are you saving almost $50 but your also and maybe most importantly saving 40 minutes of your time.  When you really break that down, how much is your time worth?  $25,$50-$100 and hour?  So now your savings went up an additional $50 based on your time savings.

Pretty cool huh? But I’m not done yet.  Let’s start factoring in things like:

-Using a double miles credit card:  Now you get 2 points for every $ you spend towards cash rewards or travel..etc  Same purchase, same products just getting more money back in the long run.

-Environmental Impact:  Imagine if everyone took one less trip to the drugstore per month and the impact that could have on the amount of CO2 in the air.

-Car Depreciation:  Now factor in the amount of times you drive to the store and over time how much that depreciates your car.  That is a real cost to you every time you use your car so we have to factor that in.

Hopefully you are starting to see the real costs that add up when you shop in the traditional fashion.  I have just showed you one very basic example in which we could easily save in upwards of 40%+ on a small transaction of $150.  That is real cash back in your pocket and will really add up over time.

How Do I Do This?

Again, this is very simple.  First find a good comparison shopping site that pays you cashback.  Our personal favorite and the one we use in house here is  Why?  Because they are the pioneers in the space, have been doing it forever, they make it easy, they pay you cashback instantly and they have more features than anyone else.  It just makes sense.

Here are a few videos to help you understand and get started with this holiday season.

An in depth look at the comparison shopping tool-


Have questions on how anything works?  Not a problem, just ask your questions in the comments below and I will answer them personally.

Get signed up for cashback and start making smarter buying decisions here-  Get Signed Up Here


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