Google Nexus 1 Phone Released!

Well, here we go, Travelers Rejoice!

images Google Nexus 1 Phone Released!

Google Nexus 1

The Google Nexus 1 has been Released!  With much fan fair and anticipation Google has finally released their new unlocked quad band android phone called the Nexus 1.

What does this mean for you the traveler?  Well, because its unlocked it means you can go anywhere in the world and simply replace your SIM card and get service.  This is huge for people who like to live a vagabond lifestyle.  In addition to this feature, rest assured the phone will carry with it all kinds of neat little bells and whistles like the turn by turn direction feature and so on and so forth.

The prices for the Nexus 1 were just released and were a bit higher than anticipated.

By itself the phone will be $530 and with a 2 year contract with T-mobile it will be sold for $179.

A bit pricy, but may very well be worth it.

images 1 Google Nexus 1 Phone Released!

Let me know your thoughts, will you buy one?

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