The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone System

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The beauty of being an entrepreneur in this day and age is that you have a lot of options to

  1. Appear Larger Than You Actually Are
  2. Implement Technology That Automates & Frees You From a Traditional Office

That’s what its all about right?  Starting a business that not only provides you an income stream but allows you freedom?  Well now with all the new technologies coming out we as entrepreneurs can do just that for fairly cheap.

If you happen to own any sort of public facing business one of your biggest obstacles is going to be the phone.

You can’t leave your cell phone on everything because that’s unprofessional especially when you answer the phone “Hey!” and your at a bar watching the game.  You also don’t want to pay someone to answer your phones all day, although it is really professional, so how do you do it, how can you combine portability with professionalism?  Enter The New Technology (NOTE- I am not affiliated with any of these companies other than I use 2 of them personally)-

Option #1- A Virtual Phone System-

Often referred to as a PBX or Virtual PBX, this phone system can do some pretty cool things to add credibility and freedom.    Let’s take a look at some features:

  • Full Scale Digital Phone System w/ multiple mailboxes
  • Professionally recorded answering system
  • Calls routed directly to your cell phone
  • Voicemails automatically emailed in mp3 format
  • Usually comes with a 1-800 number
  • Accepts faxes and sends directly to email in PDF format
  • Ability to forward numbers after hours

You have a growing number of choices when looking for a virtual PBX and some are better than others.  Be sure whoever you go with that you can test the service first and its up to your liking.  Most systems now are pretty similar in features, its the usability that usually comes into question, so test it out and see if you like it, many offer free trials.  Here are two that I like-


Grasshopper has been around awhile and has a nice clean look and feel.  They are pretty simple to use and have a great feature set.  They have been used been over 100,000 entrepreneurs just like yourself, so they are tested and continue improving their technology.

grasshopper The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone  The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone System

Virtual PBX-

Virtual PBX is fairly bare bones system but its functional, cheap and it works well for a first virtual PBX.

logo The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone SystemScreen shot 2011 02 26 at 9.09.49 PM 300x230 The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone System

Option #2- A Virtual Receptionist

The next step up from the virtual phone system is the virtual receptionist.  A bit more pricey, but you get the added bonus of a live answer 24-7 and a receptionist that will call you directly to see if you want to take the call.  If you do, they will transfer it to you directly, if not they will take a message, just like real in-house receptionist.  Some additional features you might see with a virtual receptionist might be…

  • Calendar Management
  • Customizable
  • Trainable US Based Receptionists
  • Recording capabilities

Very cool, the first time you get a call from your receptionist on the golf course and take the transfer from an important client while sitting in the cart you’ll know understand exactly how cool it is.  This is a must if you are trying to appear larger than you are and provides the maximum amount of professionalism.  There are again a few options, but the one below stands out above the rest in my book-

Constant Link-

71156 242179270200 48433 n The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone SystemScreen shot 2011 02 26 at 9.25.04 PM 300x221 The Ultimate Entreprenurial Phone System

This video is actually really funny and very well done…

I actually use both of these options, so i can speak to their viability.  I use the virtual phone system for an ecommerce business that requires very little phone assistance and the Virtual Receptionist for an actual consulting company in which a more professional presence is needed.  They both work like a charm and I strongly urge you as a budding new age entrepreneur to take a look and decide which is right for you.

So go ahead and take that extra step up in professionalism and freedom by taking your phone system virtual.

Leave your comments below if you have tried either or plan on using one for your business.

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  1. Allison says:

    Hi Mat – thanks for highlighting Grasshopper in your post!

  2. Mark says:

    Good Stuff Mat!

  3. Steve says:

    When I started my business, I did not want to use my home line so I signed up for a virtual phone service. My clients never know that I work from home because when you call my number, you hear, “Thank you for calling. Please enter the ext # of the person you would like to reach. Press for 1 sales etc. And all the calls are forwarded to my home line. I’ve been using a service called iTeleCenter by COA Network, for about a year. I’m very happy with the service.They have a flat rate fee for unlimited calls to the toll free number and a ton of features.

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