Kelly Slater Vs. Owen Wright – VIDEO Showdown

Kelly slater and Owen Wright 300x214 Kelly Slater Vs. Owen Wright   VIDEO Showdown

What an epic year it has been already on the ASP Tour.

Kelly truly looks like he is in some of the best form of his life charging for his 11th World Title as newcomer Owen Wright is hot on his heals.  As a result of the new matchup we have been trated to 3 finals in a row with these two surfing head to head.  The rubber match was an epic showdown at Lower Trestles here in San Onofere just this past week.

Take a look at the last three showdowns between Kelly Slater and Owen Wright-

The Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011 Final – Kelly Slater Vs Owen Wright-

Winner- Kelly Slater


The Quicksilver Pro New York (Long Beach) 2011 Final – Kelly Slater Vs Owen Wright-

Winner- Owen Wright


The Hurley Pro at Trestles 2011 Final – Kelly Slater Vs Owen Wright

Winner- Kelly Slater


The advantage here goes to Kelly of course with 2 epic wins and the moneyball with the win at Trestles which is known for being the deciding contest in the ASP season.  Look for Kelly to maintain this momentum and ride it all the way to his 11th World Title.


Let us hear your thoughts.  Will Kelly win 11?

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  1. The Surf Bum Mat says:

    Hell yea I think he is gonna win it, Kelly looks to be surfing stronger than he has in years and against one of his toughest opponent of all time in Owen Wright.

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