Greg Long Wins the Eddie Aikau Surf Invitational At Waimea Bay, Hawaii

Eddie Aikau lifeguard 300x223 Greg Long Wins the Eddie Aikau Surf Invitational At Waimea Bay, Hawaii


The surf has been unreal on the west coast here for the past few days!  So big in fact that they finally decided to have the “Eddie.”  For those of you not in know the “Eddie” is short for the Eddia Aikau Surf Invitation.  This elite competition is only held in perfect conditions.  The waves have to be over 40 feet for the competition to even happen so you can imagine the quality of riders this attracts.

Greg Long of San Clemente California emerged victorious in the event that saw even the likes of former surf champion Tom Carroll literally “broke a leg” Tom got nailed by some whitewash and it dislocated his ankle from his leg! Yea these are serious waves folks.

To get a more in look at the competition and the results of the 25th Annual Eddie Aikau Surf Classic check out the coverage over at Transworld Surf here.

Hopefully some good video from California soon!

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