We could not do what we do without the amazing companies that make the gear and push the limits of the sports we all love.  We have been lucky enough to partner with some of the best companies in sport.  We invite you to visit our sponsors and support their brands, you will not be disappointed.

volkl logo Sponsors

A long term leader in alpine ski’s and bindings, Volkl has been our choice for over 10 years.  I remember working in a rental shop in Vail, Colorado and taking out a different pair of demos every day until I tried a pair of Volkl’s.  I took them out every day for the rest of the season and bought them at the end of the year and haven’t looked back since.  Pushing the limit of progressive ski design and styling the new line of Volkl ski’s and marker bindings are still our recommendation for 2011. Learn More…..


Arc’ Teryx-
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One of my personal favorite brands and a true pioneer in the outdoor clothing arena.  Arc’Teryx makes in our opinion some of the highest quality, durable and all around most well thought out climbing and outdoor equipment available.  We use and recommend their equipment with our highest honors.  Do yourself a favor.  Buy nice, or buy twice.  Learn More…..


Degree 33 Surdboards-

Degree 33 Sponsors

Degree 33 is your custom surfboard source.  Have a shape in mind that you want custom designed?  The experts over at Degree 33 can handle your request and provide insight to make sure your next board is exactly what you want, instead of an off the rack model.  Degree 33 also has their own line of popular models and utilizes a direct sales model to reduce the overall cost of the surfboards to the consumer.  Degree 33 Surfboards Learn More…



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The Surf Bum & Sunwarrior are blazing a new trail in the action sports arena.  Instead of rolling over to the big companies pushing sugary drinks loaded with caffeine and high fructose corn syrup, we have choose to partner with the worlds leader in superfood protein for athletes.  Sunwarrior makes the world best protein and is dedicated to improving the health and performance of everyone on the planet, not just making another buck.  It’s time for the industry to wake up and realize that they are affecting the health of millions of people worldwide, so think smart.  Ready to improve your health?  Try Sunwarrior.  Learn more…

Tower Paddleboards-

Tower 237x300 Sponsors Tower Paddleboards is leading the way in SUP technology and affordability.  By utilizing a direct sales model and eliminating retailer markup, Tower Paddleboards allows you to purchase a top quality and design tested paddleboard for much less than the traditional and relatively expensive models.  Learn More About Stand Up Paddle Boards By Tower…..



H2O Audio-

h2oaudio logo 300x218 SponsorsA newcomer onto the scene int he past few years, h2O Audio has found a way to put a soundtrack to your extreme lifestyle.  With waterproof protective cases for your ipods and mp3 players, you can now listen to your favorite jams while surfing, swimming, skiing and more.  A great product for those people with active lifestyles who are always in the water.   Learn More…..