Stefan Ager Survives Amazing Ski Crash

Screen shot 2011 02 25 at 7.56.36 AM 600x337 Stefan Ager Survives Amazing Ski Crash

The risk in the mountains is VERY real.

Any mountain guide will tell you that at any given time a certain part of the mountain will be safe and other times it will be deadly.

Sometimes even when the skies are blue, you are just one misstep away from your maker. That is part of what makes being in and moving through the mountains such a spiritual experience because you are always that close to death while at the same time experiencing some of life’s most breathtaking moments.

This video shows a first hand account of a young man named Stefan Ager who was lucky enough to survive one of the more horrific ski crashes I have ever seen on the Stubai Glacier in Austria. The fall was caught on his HD helmet cam so you can watch every stomach churning moment.

Let’s take a moment to remember those who weren’t so fortunate.

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