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Man, I have had a few just hectic days of late.  Have you ever been there?  You get so bogged down and derailed with work and family and just life in general that you forget what you are working towards?  What you are working for, what it truly is you do what you do for?

I was there today and have been there in the past and one thing I have started doing in the past few years is reaching out to those who A. are smarter than me, and B. have been there before.

I find the teachings of these people to not only inspire and motivate me, but also to remind me of what my goal, my purpose, my “why” is.

Today I want you to recenter and find your “why” and determine if what you are doing is getting you closer to that “why” or farther away from it?

Decision is the ultimate power and as you will see in the video below by one of my all time favorites, Tony Robbins, each decision we make directly affects our future and possibly the futures of other and even the world.  If this video does not get you excited to change your life for the better, you are not alive to begin with.  Enjoy…

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4 Responses to “Take It From Tony”

  1. kourosh says:

    had to leave a comment as i thought it was most interesting.

    all the best,


  2. Becky says:

    That was a truly inspiring speech that makes you take an active look at your life.

  3. Jon says:

    Awesome motivation! Wish I could have found this guy earlier! Also his story about how Sylvester Stallone landed the Rocky role has changed my life!

  4. Alexandra says:

    Really inspiring! Excellent video!

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