What We Can Learn About Business From Dominos Pizza, Eminem & Al Pacino.


Transparency is the new word for business.

There is no more hiding.  You can’t hide from bad press, you can’t hide from bad customer experiences and you certainly can’t hide from bad financials.  The internet has leveled the playing field and is now holding companies more accountable than they have ever been in the past.

Have a customer with a bad experience?  Well now they will be on Yelp before they even get home bashing your company.

Getting bad press?  It’s going to grow even faster as soon as it hits the internet.

The lesson is simple:  You must design and run your companies and businesses with absolute true transparency.  The public will see everything rest assured, so you must structure your business practices in a way that truly supports your business as if you were operating with glass walls.

Lets take a look at a few recent examples of extremely successful marketing campaigns that all take into account this idea of Transparency in business practice and marketing.

Domino’s Pizza-

dominos+Logo What We Can Learn About Business From Dominos Pizza, Eminem & Al Pacino.

An excellent example.  Domino’s Pizza’s numbers had fallen drastically over the past few years and they were being outdone by the likes of Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and many more.  They realized that the only way to fix the problem was address it head on.  So instead of dumping money into a marketing campaign about how great they were, they crafted a campaign around honesty.

They took responsibility for their quality control slipping and the taste of their pizza being lack luster.  They showed the actual focus groups and what they were doing to fix the problems. This is an excellent example of what very few people understand.  Admitting weakness actually builds confidence in most cases even though it is counter intuitive.  It builds a sense of humanity and realism that most people can relate to.

I never liked Domino’s pizza, but after watching this marketing campaign roll out I truly wanted to give it a try, if for no other reason than Domino’s having the guts to run a campaign based on them being wrong.

Take a look at a few sample commercials below.


eminem 300x186 What We Can Learn About Business From Dominos Pizza, Eminem & Al Pacino.

Well, not specifically Eminem, more Chrysler actually.  If you watched the Superbowl this year, you will remember this ad.  It was voted the best commercial of the Superbowl, and for good reason.

Another great example of reinventing yourself by “turning into the skid” and facing the critics, problems and issues head on.  Oddly enough both of my examples come out of Michigan, which not only tells you what has been going on up there, but also that they are fighting to change it.  Being born in the Upper Peninsula, I can appreciate that.

So Chrysler and Detroit.  Both down and out.  Both battered and bruised in the press.  Instead of going the normal route of shooting their cars speeding across a salt flat, they created a commercial using a Detroit icon that elicits strong emotions of pride and conviction by everyone who watches.  It was amazing to see the comments on this commercial of people talking about all the pride this simple video generated.  All by simply admitting that things have not been great, but they are strong and they will continue putting out quality product.

Awesome commercial, very well done Chrysler and Em, good to see you again.

Al Pacino

al pachino 1 274x300 What We Can Learn About Business From Dominos Pizza, Eminem & Al Pacino.

I include this video for two purposes.

  1. Because I like it and have always thought it to be one of the more motivating speeches
  2. Because its a great example of what we talked about earlier.  Weakness is not always a negative. It humanizes you to others and helps build closer bonds.  Note how Al Pacino admits some pretty intimate things in this speech and you instantly feel drawn to and connected to him.

So now its up to you to take these principles and apply them in your business, in your interactions and your daily life. Taking note how people react to transparency, honesty and realism.

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