The New Js-Kit Echo Commenting Tool

So the question in everyone’s mind of late has been how can I aggregate?  Social media has gotten so big and there are now so many platforms, how can I get them all in one spot.  New social networks such as Friendfeed  has sprung up and offer aggregation of your social profiles.

But what about bloggers?  How can they bring all the conversations happening about their blog post back to the blog where they belong?

echo The New Js Kit Echo Commenting Tool

Echo by Js-Kit

Enter Js-kit and their new commenting tool called ECHO.  Echo acts a bit like a social aggregator.  It brings back all the conversations happening out in the social sphere and brings that back onto your blog.  So if someone leaves a comment on Facebook?  Bang! it comes right back onto your blog as a comment and the same with twitter and flickr and so on and so forth.

Js Kit The New Js Kit Echo Commenting Tool

Now you have a tool to aggregate all the buzz happening in your space and bring it all back to where it belongs.  On your blog.

Enjoy and visit JsKit to check out ECHO!

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