The Billabong “I Surf Because” Campaign

I Surf Because……

i surf because 2 1024x581 The Billabong I Surf Because Campaign

It’s a statement that gets repeated thousands of times each day all over the world, but the words that follow are usually different and unique.  You see, for those of you who don’t surf, you might not fully understand this campaign, but if you do if will most likely move you and get you think about why you continue to suit up and paddle out.

Now I respect marketing and wanted to analyze and share this campaign for that very reason, because whenever you can truly elicit a powerful emotion in someone through marketing…you have a good add campaign.  Now pair that with user generated content and you have a winner.  Enter Billabong and their “I Surf Because Campaign”

Billabong’s “I Surf Because” Campaign-

Andy Irons (RIP)

Video- No Surprise here, video is being used by pretty much everyone these days and for good reason, nothing tells a story or conveys emotion like a video.  You can see the pain in Andy’s eye’s above and hear the struggle in his voice, you can feel his connection to surfing in only a way that video can deliver.  The same rings true for the other viral videos from their team riders that they released to the public.

The Result?  Millions of views and visits to where the next part of the campaign comes into play, but in the meantime watch these videos and look at how they were shot and the emotions they convey here.  They are not selling boardshorts and hats in these videos, they are selling an ideal, a way of life, an escape, a solution…a better life.

Donovan Frankenreiter

Dave Rastovich

Taj Burrow

Joel Parkinson

User Generated Content-

The next step in this campaign is to get users to come to the isurfbecause website and create their own I Surf Because statements.  You can use their pictures, take your own still or even upload your own photo and add text..etc

Once you complete your statement, you can download it as a wallpaper, share it with friends to again increase the viral nature of the campaign and so on.  All this user generated content is great, its how I learned about the campaign and not to mention, the search engines love it!

Again, this part is still not a hard sell for product here, there is a link to products on the the site, but its not overbearing and well placed.  It’s about getting people engaged and of course capturing contact information for their list icon smile The Billabong I Surf Because Campaign

My “I Surf Because” statement is below and fellow Memoires author Jason Shurtz’s is above.

i surf because 1024x581 The Billabong I Surf Because Campaign



To really get things going and encourage the creation of the content Billabong also offered an incentive. Submit your own “I Surf Because” statement and get entered to win a trip to…etc

Simple, cost effective and whoever wins will be completely stoked.


Billabong’s I surf because campaign is a win for several reasons:

  • It elicits strong emotion
  • It appeals to the feelings and thoughts associated with surfing, not selling product
  • It utilizes all aspects of social media as means of distribution (viral video, facebook share, twitter share, email share…etc)
  • It builds their list with massive amounts of targeted buyers without hardselling a single one of them

A very well put together campaign from all angles, very well done both socially, technically and artistically.

Let us know your thoughts on the campain and leave your “I Surf Because” statement below!

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  1. Brian says:

    I surf because Andy did it!

  2. As the director of this campaign I was stoked to read this article. You got it. Here are some thoughts I wrote about the campaign. Thanks for your article – travel well, Stirling

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