Su.Pr is out of Beta – Increase Your Clicks and Drive More Traffic

Maybe you have heard about it, maybe you have not, but if you use twitter or facebook for any sort of business purpose, you now have a new ally that will help you drive more traffic.  It is a url shortner that is put out by Stumbleupon and includes a lot of cool extras.

stumbleupon 256x256 Su.Pr is out of Beta   Increase Your Clicks and Drive More Traffic


You can now submit urls to both twitter and facebook directly using  The software then allows you to track how many clicks you receive from it and by what medium the clicks were received.  You can also stumble (bookmark) the url to recieve even more traffic.  In addition it makes it easy for other people to stumble your discovery so they can drive traffic for you as well.

Finally it has some really cool statistical data as well that lets you know what time of day you get the most response even!  That is pretty baller.  so just by switching over and using this new tool, you will be able to maximize your twitter and facebook updates to increase clickthroughs, branding and profits!

Oh yea, and its free.

Enjoy…..  Try out Su.Pr

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