Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack Review

evdry 189x300 Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack Review

We are always looking for great gear to take with us on our next trip, but we are not looking to collect a warehouse of gear.  No, what we want is gear we can use in multiple situations.

You see we are just like you, we don’t have unlimited money or unlimited space to store extra gear.  We travel light and pick our gear wisely.  We want clothes we can use anywhere and packs we can take to the snow and up a rock and drop in the water.

Today we are reviewing a piece of gear that fits this manifesto to a T, the Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack.

So you have no doubt seen compression sacks before, nothing new there.  They are great space savers.  You can buy your clothes or sleeping bag in them, sinch them down and viola, your using less space in your pack.  Great idea.

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Well, the folks over at Sea to Summit have taken it a step further, well actually 2 steps further.

  1. The eVent- The first improvement they made is by adding the eVent fabric to the bottom of the sack.  This fabric is basically a one way valve that allows air out but not back in.  So this allows you to compress whatever is in your sack even more by eliminating whatever air was inside the sack as well.  Very cool idea, much like some of the travel accessories you have seen, but without an actual valve.
  2. Water Proof- The second improvement they made is making the whole thing waterproof.  So now you have the best of both worlds.  The waterproof-ness and functionality of a roll top dry bag with the size and function of a compression sack.  Awesome design and extremely functional.

I have a few of these sacks in different sizes and like to just throw them in my pack wherever I  go, because i know i will always use them.  Either it will rain and i need to keep my clothes dry, or my hydration bladder will burst and my pack will get soaked, or we end up having to swim across a river, or maybe i just need to pack out some trash.  Whatever the situation may be they are great to have around.  I also use them to protect electronics that I take on the trail with me and gives you that piece of mind knowing they wont get ruined.

I also keep one in my truck in the glove box, just cause its good to have, I use it a few times a year I would say.

sea summit event compression dry sack 8 x 18 3155896 175 Sea To Summit eVent Compression Dry Sack Review

Great product, highly recommended, you can pick one up for yourself here.


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