Moosejaw Mountaineering Company Review

Well what can I say, “I have the madness.” I have heard of Moosejaw before of course, anyone worth their salt at an outdoor activity has perused the site, but i had never really experienced what they had to offer until my recent purchase.

photo1 Moosejaw Mountaineering Company Review

For those of you who don’t know what Moosejaw is, simply put its a company. Its a company that has a very distinct following or die hard fans and a very distinct vibe to it and I must say I dig it. It’s just a great group of people, all brought together by their passion for the outdoors, an active lifestyle and good gear.

From a consumer standpoint their great because they carry a lot of the high quality stuff that you won’t find at a Dick’s sporting goods. Me personally I am an Arc’Teryx freak and don’t wear anything else because….why would I, so its a great place to for those types of items. But more than that it is the community and the vibe surrounding the company.

Now I admit, to the layman, selling a disposable plastic shaver and a can of sardines next to $400 jackets does not make much sense or is not really funny, but give it some time. The subtle humor on the site and in their advertising is well placed and really funny at least to me. The customer service is top notch, the customer experience is top notch and the gear is top notch, so I dig it, and no I am not getting paid hype them up, just figured I would write about it as I rarely am impressed by a shopping experience. The pics on this page are from my recent order.
photo Moosejaw Mountaineering Company Review
So let me hear your thoughts, who do you buy your gear from, are they legit, hows the customer service, who do you recommend and any other comments relating to buying gear as its that time of year folks.

P.S.- Santa came early this year, and brought me a Arc’ Teryx Hercules Hoody….Sick! (but that SOB used my CC to order it)

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