Free Soloing With Ueli Steck & Alex Honnold

alex honnold nat geo Free Soloing With Ueli Steck & Alex Honnold

What does it mean to be the world’s most elite climber?

In the past it might have meant multi-day big wall ascents in a 3rd world country where only few people have ever been.  Some would argue this is still the mark of the best climbers, always reaching into the unknown and finding new unclimbed walls.  Others however have a much different idea.

Things have no come full circle with what many would consider the worlds top climbers heading back to those iconic mountains that every alpinist must climb and climbing them again.  Except this time they are climbing them against the clock….and without ropes.  Routes such as El Capitan and Half Dome in Yosemite or The Eiger and The Matterhorn in Switzerland.  These are the places for a new breed of extreme Alpinism and the two men leading the way are Ueli Steck and Alex Honnold

Welcome To The World of “Free Solo Climbing”

Ueli Steck (aka The Swiss Machine)

Ueli is your quintessential Swiss Alpinist. Swift & Efficient. He may not have the sheer raw talent that some other climbers may have been born with, but what he lacks in natural ability he more than makes up for in hardcore training. His recent world record soloing ascents on the Swiss Big 3 including The Eiger, The Matterhorn and The Grand Jorasses has cemented his place among climbing’s all time greats.

Alex Honnold (aka The Natural)

Alex Honnold is “that guy.” That guy who was born with such amazing natural ability it makes others jealous. That guy who can climb the toughest pitch of your life without breaking a sweat. That young guy who lives in his van and breaks long standing climbing records on a Tuesday before breakfast. Alex was recently featured in a large National Geographic spread for his free solo climbing in Yosemite (his favorite spot). Alex was the first to free solo half dome and has also put up record breaking ascents on the nose of El Capitan as well.

So who is the greatest free soloing mountain climber int he world?

You be the judge, leave your comments below and let us know who you think the world’s best truly is.

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