The Gulf Oil Spill TRUTH

ixtox11 The Gulf Oil Spill TRUTH

Here is what I can find to be the TRUTH on what has happened with this gulf oil spill.  I’ll make it brief.

A BP Oil Derrick exploded and collapsed on itself breaking a pipe beneath water and causing the release of large amounts of oil to be released uncontrollably into the Gulf of Mexico.

oilspill2 The Gulf Oil Spill TRUTH

BP has been stating that this amount is equivalent to approx 5,000 barrels a day.  That is interesting because experts agree that based off of current satellite imagery photos of just the surface oil of the spill requires a minimum of at least 25,000+ a day and that’s just for whats on the surface, in reality it is probably a multiple of that.

Do you find it interesting that you have not nearly heard as much about this spill as you did the Exxon-Valdez spill?  I do, especially considering this spill is going to be multiple times bigger than the one in Alaska and be felt uncountable times more.  Think about it.  The already financially poor areas of Louisiana and Florida and other southern states are now getting overrun with oil.  Fish are dying, crustaceans are dying and peoples lives are hanging in the balance.  The southern communities not only rely on tourism which is largely because of this body of water, but also from fishing its waters.  Both of these are now gone.  We have officially plunged a dagger into the heart of the earth and its bleeding right now all over our shores.

Unfortunately, it gets worse.  On top of all the Oil that is uncontrollably spilling into the gulf right now, BP is also pouring toxic chemical dispersant s into the gulf to “cover up” the oil!  Its making it worse for everyone except the oil company.  What makes it really uncontrollably hard to swallow is that our EPA has allowed them to dump massive amounts of this chemical into our waters.  A chemical so toxic it was banned by the UK 10 years ago and even by their reports is one of the most toxic and lest effective dispersants available!  Oh and dispersants don’t actually make the oil disperse….oh no all they do is drive the oil deeper into the water column so they are not seen on the surface and by the public!

So why would they be doing this?  Well, could it be that a large number of BP’s executive board are shareholders of Nalco who produces Corexit 9500 the chemical dispersant that they have elected to use?

How the hell can this still be under wraps?  How can we let this happen, this is ridiculous and they must think we are complete idiots to let this continue to happen.  Well, it will, unless we stop it.  You must take action unless you want to see more dispersants dumped into the water and also let this cover up go on.  We need to learn from this, we need transparency so we can #1 fix it and #2 get better.

Here’s the bottom line.  Is it bad this happened and am I pissed about it, yes absolutely we have been warned time and time again about the dangers of offshore drilling.  That said, its happened so now we need to take action steps to stop the bleeding and make sure it does not get any worse.  If you feel like you want to take part, please share this post with whoever you think will benefit.  I have included links to the Facebook group, the Oil Spill Truth Blog and to the petition to stop the dumping of dispersants into the gulf.

turtle295x372 The Gulf Oil Spill TRUTH

Please do what you feel is right and pass this along and lets do our best to save as much of our oceans, economy and future as we can.  Unless we do something they will keep covering this up and making it much, much worse.

Thank you, please let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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