Warren Millers Dynasty Movie Review

Well, about a week ago, it was that time of year again. The time of year you long to hear the phrase “So pack up your belongings and move to ___________ because if you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one year older….when you do.” Man I miss hearing those words and although I live in San Diego now and surf more than I ski, I still long for the mountains every year starting in September and by the time October rolls around, I typically already have my tickets to the New Warren Miller Movie. This year its called Dynasty!

images 1 Warren Millers Dynasty Movie Review

Warren Milers Dynasty

As with all Warren Miller films, you are taken on a trip across the globe, watching some of the worlds best skiers rip it up in waste deep powder getting face shots that make you shift in your seat.  But what you can’t get from watching Warren Miller Dynasty at home on DVD is the experience of seeing on at a screening.  The vibe and energy at a screening itself is what gives the films so much power I believe.  200 people all on the edge of their seat, breathing heavy, excited and all thinking the same thing “I gotta get out there.”  Ha its a great experience.  I took my girlfriend to the screening this year and she loved it so looks like you got another lifer Warren.

As far as the actual film goes, its good.  Not the best Warren Miller I have ever seen (personally I like Freeriders) but its definitely good.  What is very cool about it is that it has old 1950-60’s ski footage mixed in and interlaced throughout the film so that adds an element of yesteryear and some nostalgia to the film and I like that.  The first half of the movie to me was much more interesting and some of the sit ski racers now are just unreal.  Northern China was cool to see as well in the annual Chris Anthony segment and the footage from the Alps in Norway was pretty unreal as well.

All in all its a must see and do try to see it when it comes to your town.

Thanks Warren for 60 Years of making a lot of people happy.

Man, I gotta get out there……

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