Steep by Sony Picture Classics and Mark Obenhaus


I just finished watching Steep and I can absolutely say that it is a soul skiers movie.  It is one of those movies that not only makes you want to go skiing, but also reassess your life to figure out where you went wrong and why you don’t ski 100+ days a year anymore.  Ha, to be more specific it makes you wonder why you ever even actually skied within the confines of a ski resort at all.

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Steep Movie Cover

The journey starts with the epic first decent of the majestic Grand Teton in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  From there they proceed to embaress American skiing for awhile by the most ridiculous descents you have ever seen by pioneers Anselme Baud and Patrick Vallencant in the French Alps around Chamonix and Mount Blanc.  Great old footage from Europe makes you want to drop it all and head across the pond, Chamonix is truly magical and I place I still aspire to visit.

The movie also parallels the life of another pioneer, this time American, Doug Coombs.  If you have ever skied anything over 30 degrees, you know who Doug Coombs is and you have respect for him.  This is a great biography of his skiing life.  As the film continues to hop from mountain range to mountain range and time period to time period, you get a great understanding and view of the people who truly made the sport what it is today.  Folks like Glen Plake, Scott Schmidt, Erick Payota, Shane McConkey and of course my favorite Seth Morrison.

All in all its a great ski film, but not for those looking for the Warren Miller-esq type of light hearted segments.  No No, this movie is all about pushing it to the limits and the consequences that follow.

Good flick, thank you Sony Picture Classics and director Mark Obenhaus

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